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June 2014, Sewing Scool Studio has offered Sewing Classes for Beginners to Advanced Learners.  From these beginnings, additional classes are now taught in how Fashion is Designed to Making Patterns that fit.


Kathleen received her Masters from Teachers College Columbia University in Education as well as Education for the Student of Special Needs. She continually seeks instruction and advice of Master Fashion Experts in the Fashion industry.  Thereby, the Studio now offers Pattern Making Classes as well as  Advanced Sewing Techniques of Up-to-Date as well as Old-World. sewing techniques.  In addition, how to use the Sewing Machine and Serger are also taught.


Students have been taught as young as 6 to Adult. Students can choose to be part of a Group Session or select Private lessons that offer a more excellerated avenue in learning at their own pace. Learning how to sew, create fashion or home decor items offer personal achievement and success, elevated self-esteem, open minds to creativity, apply mathematics, increase verbal and motor skills/knowledge.

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