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Fashion Designers Sewing Skills & Techniques of Tailoring & Pattern Making instruction are accessible at  Sewing Scool Studio

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June 2014, after many years teaching at public schools,  an educator opened Sewing Scool Studio (SSS) offering private lessons in sewing and pattern making. 

2019, Sewing Scool Studio focus is a 

"Members Only" access to a library of videos of on-line instruction accessible 24/7 

Nationally - Internationally - World Wide

Sewing Skills and Techniques

Construction of Fashion using Patterns

Designing Patterns that Fit

Design Fashion for You 

2020, Sewing Scool Studio offers Individual/Group/Private Instruction in "Real Time" with  Advances in technology and media with  Skype or similar media in your

Home - School - Business



Experienced Instructors of Sewing and Fashion Design. Contact Sewing Scool Studio if you want to join the Team at SSS. 



Students of any age can learn to Sew as they learn how to design fashion.  

The skills, technique and knowledge you learn will be used every day throughout your lifetime as you:

Select an outfit (or costume) that makes a statement of who you are, what you do or what you want others to think or remember about you.

Compare and Purchase Quality Merchandise at affordable price of materials used in clothing construction and design.

Skills, Techniques and Knowledge of Design to Correct and Redesign Garments for yourself to save or others for profit.

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